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Latinas/os on the East Coast

A Critical Reader
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Yolanda Medina
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Critical Studies of Latinxs in the Americas Critical Studies of Latinxs in the Americas
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Latinas/os on the East Coast: A Critical Reader provides a comprehensive overview of established and contemporary research and essays written about communities that represent the Latina/o diaspora on the East Coast of the United States. Collectively, it contributes to the historical, cultural, political, and economic dynamics that affect the Latinas/os' lived experience of the country. Analyzed through an interdisciplinary lens, this reader offers a critical examination of the policies and the practices that affect the following current and emerging themes and topics: History; Ethnicity and culture; Immigration, transnationalism, and civil rights; Education; Health; Women's studies; Film and media studies; Queer studies; Literature; Visual and performing arts. This book is an indispensable resource for scholars, researchers, educators, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as any individual, group, or organization interested in issues that affect Latinas/os in the United States in current times.
Contents: Ángeles Donoso Macaya: Latina/o Studies: The Emergence and Transformation of a Field - Siro del Castillo: A Plea to Destigmatize Mariel - Gabriel Haslip-Viera: The Evolution of the Latino Community in New York City - Ramona Hernández: The Great Exodus: Its Roots - Kaity Modesto: Our Heights' Story: Exploring the Dominican Community in Washington Heights from 1992 to 2013 - Ana Cristina Braga Martes (translated by Allan Vidigal): «Neither Hispanic, nor Black: We're Brazilian» - David Carey, Jr.: Situating Latino Voices in a New England Community - Katherine M. Conway/Alyse C. Hachey/Claire Wladis: A New Diaspora: Latina/os in the Online Environment - Rebecca Garte: The Family in the Classroom: How a Culturally Valid Learning Community Transforms the Identity of Latina/o College Students - Donna M. Harris/Judy Marquez Kiyama: Making Visible the Invisible: Latina/o Students' Insights about the Resources for and Barriers to High School Persistence - Dina Lopez: Immigrant Identities in Transnational Contexts: The Figured World of a New York City English Literacy and Civics Education Classroom - Stanton Wortham/Katherine Clonan-Roy/Holly Link/Carlos Martínez: The New Latino Diaspora - Luisa N. Borrell/Clara Rodríguez: The Implications and Impact of Race on the Health of Hispanic/Latino Males - Anahí Viladrich: Botánicas in America's Backyard: Uncovering the World of Latino Healers' Herb-healing Practices in New York City - Yolanda Prieto: Women Leave Home for the Factory: Gender, Work, and Family - Rosie M. Soy/Stefan Bosworth: Dominican Women Across Three Generations: Educational Dreams, Goals and Hopes - Ginetta E.B. Candelario: «They Are Taken into Account for Their Opinions»: Making Community and Displaying Identity at a Dominican Beauty Shop in New York City - Luis Aponte-Parés: Outside/In: Crossing Queer and Latino Boundaries - Carlos Ulises Decena: Tacit Subjects - Ramón H. Rivera-Servera: Building Home: Arthur Aviles's Choreography of the Public Sphere - Lillian Jiménez: From the Margin to the Center: Puerto Rican Cinema in New York - Isabel Molina Guzmán: Policing the Latina/o Other: Latinidad in Prime-Time News Coverage of the Elián González Story - Frank M. Figueroa: New York's Latin Music Landmarks - Sydney Hutchinson: Merengue Típico in New York City: A History - Frances Negrón-Mutaner: The Writing on the Wall: The Life and Passion of Jean-Michel Basquiat - Miriam DeCosta-Willis: Sandra María Esteves's Nuyorican Poetics: The Signifying Difference - Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz: Dominican-American Auto-Ethnographies: Considering the Boundaries of Self-Representation in Julia Álvarez and Junot Díaz - Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes: Women's Bodies, Lesbian Passions.

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