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Hispanic (LGT) Masculinities in Transition

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Merida-Jimenez Rafael M. Merida-Jimenez
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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The objective of Hispanic (LGT) Masculinities in Transition is to investigate the cultural representations/intersections of masculinity and sexual minorities (lesbians, gays, and transgenders) in Spain between the passing of the Law of Social Dangerousness and Social Rehabilitation (1970) and the reform of the Penal Code in 1995. In order to meet this aim, this volume analyzes the artistic production of a number of Spanish and Latin American male and female individuals who, first, were able to question the structures of control and domination in Spain in the last years of Franco's dictatorship; second, were able to open up new horizons of freedom in the context of the criminalization of the previous decades; and, third, were able to bring about new models of masculinity that were more egalitarian during the first years of the new democracy. More specifically, Hispanic (LGT) Masculinities in Transition will interlink the fields of political and historical change and artistic production in order to assess whether cultural representations can be understood as mere reflections of social and political change. In terms of the materials being examined, these are, in the first instance, literary, although other narratives are also addressed (filmic production and plastic arts). This volume is essential reading for professors and students of contemporary Spanish history and culture, as well as for those interested in lesbian, gay, transgender, and masculinity issues.
Contents: Dieter Ingenschay: Hispanic/Masculinities/Transition: An Introduction - Kerman Calvo: Sexual Movements Without Sex? Sex-Talk in the Spanish Gay Liberation Movement - Gracia Trujillo: Butches Excluded: Female Masculinities and Their (non) Representations in Spain - Óscar Guasch/Jordi Mas: Bodily, Gender, and Identity Projects in Spain: From the Transvestite to the Transsexual - Alfredo Martínez-Expósito: Embodiments of Class and Nation in Eloy de la Iglesia's Gay Films - Alberto Mira: Queer Pastoral: Rural Homoeroticism on Film during the Early Years of the Spanish Transition - Rafael M. Mérida-Jiménez: From Stage to Screen: Flor de Otoño's Transitional Impersonations - Elena Madrigal-Rodríguez: Undressing Masculinity: Male Dress and Accoutrements in Four Female Spanish Characters - Jorge Luis Peralta: Machos or divinas? A Quandary in Argentinean and Spanish Gay Activism - Juan Vicente Aliaga: Demasculinizing: Challenging Hegemonic Masculinity in Spanish Art and Culture - Richard Cleminson/Carlos Pons: Female Masculinity on Stage: Young Man! and the Subversion of Gender Roles.

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