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Health Advocacy

A Communication Approach
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Chervin Lam
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Health Communication Health Communication
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There is growing emphasis in Health Communication on the study of communication processes that aim to change systems, policies, beliefs, attitudes, and/or behaviors for the betterment of the health of individuals and communities. Engagement on behalf of individual and community health is the basis of health advocacy - the attempted effort to change health policies so that better health outcomes may result. This book explores the processes and strategies involved in creating a health advocacy campaign to guide current and aspiring health advocates to successfully advocate for policy change. The Health Communication Advocacy Model is provided as a framework for exploring these issues. The model emphasizes the message design process, particularly in the tailoring of messages to address the needs of target audiences. However, consideration of important health advocacy concepts also is provided, including how to organize an advocacy team, approaches to formative research, research-based strategies for crafting effective health advocacy messages, and recommendations for what to do when an advocacy campaign is ending. This framework is designed for users to execute an advocacy effort for any health issue - from obesity, to cancer and smoking - in an efficient and effective manner. Ultimately, readers will learn how to lead a successful advocacy campaign and accomplish their desired advocacy goals.
Contents: System Theory - Assembling the Team - Needs Assessment - Formative Research - Messaging Process - Marketing Mix - Implementation and Evaluation - Correction Loop - Patient Advocates and Health Advocacy - Organizations and Health Advocacy.

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