Risk Management in Outdoor and Adventure Programs

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Based on real-life experiences, "Risk Management in Outdoor and Adventure Programs: Scenarios of Accidents, Incidents, and Misadventures" offers both students and professionals practice in applying risk management strategies to situations encountered in outdoor and adventure programs. Written by Aram Attarian, an experienced professor and professional in outdoor and adventure recreation, "Risk Management in Outdoor and Adventure Programs" presents a systematic model for determining why an incident happened and what could be done to prevent a repeat occurrence. More than 50 real-life scenarios represent various situations encountered in outdoor and adventure programming, such as peanut allergies, bridge jumping, stalking by mountain lions, and lightning strikes. These scenarios offer guidance in analyzing hazardous situations and applying appropriate strategies in safety and risk management. Each scenario is followed by questions that can guide discussion or promote research in concepts or policies that are important to outdoor and adventure programming. Accidents and mishaps are a reality in outdoor and adventure programs. Applying risk management strategies to the scenarios in "Risk Management in Outdoor and Adventure Programs" gives outdoor adventure leaders increased knowledge of the inherent risks of their profession as well as their legal responsibilities in programming, leadership, and management. This text can help leaders and their participants enjoy safe and successful adventures in the great outdoors.
Autor: Aram Attarian
Aram Attarian, PhD, is an associate professor in the department of parks, recreation, and tourism management at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He is the owner of the risk management consultation firm Adventureprogrammanagement.com and serves as the director of the National State Park Leadership School. Attarian has over 30 years of experience in adventure education and outdoor leadership working with a range of individuals and settings, including adjudicated youth, college and university programs, businesses, camps, and Outward Bound. His most significant experiences have been with North Carolina Outward Bound (NCOB), where he worked as an instructor, climber, and course director for over 25 years. Currently, Attarian serves on the NCOB board of directors and chairs its safety committee. He is also a member of the American Alpine Club Safety Advisory Council and is a regional contributor to "Accidents in North American Mountaineering." In his free time, Attarian enjoys rock climbing, outdoor living, and working on his hobby farm in western North Carolina. He resides in Raleigh.

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Autor: Aram Attarian
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