Lesson Plans for Creative Dance

Connecting with Literature, Arts, and Music
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Chapter 1. Teaching and Assessing Creative Dance; Chapter 2. Introductory Activities; Chapter 3. Dances With Action Words and Visual Aids; Chapter 4. Dances With Action Rhymes; Chapter 5. Dances With Poetry; Chapter 6. Dances With Rhythm; Chapter 7. Dances for Ages 4 to 6; Chapter 8. Dances for Ages 5 to 7; Chapter 9. Dances for Ages 6 to 8; Chapter 10. Dances for Ages 7 to 9; Chapter 11. Dances for Ages 8 to 10; Chapter 12. Dances for Ages 9 to 11; Chapter 13. Dances for Ages 10 to 12.
Children love to express themselves through movement. This title helps you guide them through a range of actions and dances that can help them develop both physically and mentally. It is suitable for physical education teachers, classroom teachers and dance specialists as well as for students on teacher training courses.
Autor: Sally Carline
Sally Carline, qualified as a teacher at I.M. March College of Physical Education in the UK and taught in secondary school before moving to Canada. Sally has taught creative dance to children ages 4 through 12 since 1975 and is head of the Children's Creative Dance Program in Edmonton.

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Autor: Sally Carline
ISBN-13 :: 9781450401982
ISBN: 1450401988
Erscheinungsjahr: 03.05.2011
Verlag: Human Kinetics Publishers
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 280x215x12 mm, 219 black & white illustrations, 56 black & white halftones
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