Applied Health Fitness Psychology

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Part I: Theoretical Foundations of Health Fitness Psychology; Chapter 1. Introduction to Applied Health Fitness Psychology; Chapter 2. Psychological Motivation Theories; Chapter 3. Theories and Models of Exercise Behavior; Part II: Factors That Influence Health Behavior; Chapter 4. Barriers to Positive Health Behavior; Chapter 5. Personal Factors; Chapter 6. Situational and Environmental Factors; Chapter 7. Cultural, Religious, and Spiritual Components; Part III: Strategies for Health Behavior Interventions; Chapter 8. Exercise Adherence and Compliance; Chapter 9. Cognitive and Behavioral Strategies; Chapter 10. Fitness Goal Setting and Leadership; Part IV: Professional Considerations; Chapter 11. Fitness Consulting With Special Populations; Chapter 12. Dysfunctional Eating Behaviors; Chapter 13. Professional Organizations and Ethics.
Considers behavioural issues regarding exercise and nutrition using a research to practice approach. This text explains how health fitness psychology has developed into a wide-ranging discipline that can be used in various exercise, fitness and health settings, allowing practitioners to assist their clients in adopting healthier lifestyles.
Autor: Mark Anshel
Mark H. Anshel, PhD, is a professor in the department of health and human performance with a joint appointment in the psychology department at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. He is the author of more than 135 research publications and four fitness books.

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Autor: Mark Anshel
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