Gilbert Green

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Gilbert and his family are moving to their new house on La Verde Street. "The Green Family is going green," Mom said. Gilbert asked, "What does that mean?" Mom replied, "Being green means keeping Mother Earth clean. Recycling is one way to help our earth thrive, and it can even help to keep all of the animals alive! We have to do our part, because every little bit preserves Mother Nature's beautiful work of art!" What starts out as a little family fun and mockery of dear old dad quickly turns into a clever hobby for this new kid on the block, which then becomes an earth friendly lesson for all, especially dad! Find out how the Green Family becomes truly green!

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Autor: Nikki Murphy Gilbert
ISBN-13 :: 9781449043773
ISBN: 1449043771
Gewicht: 100g
Seiten: 32
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 279x216x2 mm
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