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Playing Cards - History of the Pack and Explanations of Its Many Secrets

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W. Gurney Benham
Mccutchen Press
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This early textbook provides a fascinating insight into the history of the playing card, from traditional English playing cards to tarot cards and card manufacturers in Britain and Europe. Extensively illustrated, it would suit any enthusiast of traditional gaming and game historians. We are republishing this vintage text in a high quality, modern and affordable edition, complete with a newly written introduction and reproductions of the original illustrations. Contents include: Card Games; Preface; 1 Many Theories About the invention of Playing Cards; 2 The Tarot Cards; 3 Varieties of the European Four-Suit Pack; 4 Earliest References to English Playing Cards; 5 Genesis of the English Pack; 6 Samuel Rowlands and The Four Knaves; 7 Establishment of the London Company of Makers of Playing Cards in 1628; 8 Rules, Ordinances and Constitutions of the Company; 9 Records of the Company of Makers of Playing Cards; 10 Difficulties of the Company in the 18th and 19th Centuries; 11 Later History of the Company and List of its Masters; 12-25 - The Cardboard Court; 26 English Names of the Four Suits; 27 Some Ancient French Cards of the 15th Century; 28 Card-Making in France; 29 French Revolution Cards; 30 The Tragic Story of Richard Harding hanged for forging the Ace of Spades; 31 Names Given to Various Cards; 32 Fanciful Cards and Cartomancy; 33 Modern British Court Cards; 34 Modern French Court Cards; 35 Modern Italian Cards of French Pattern.

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