What's the Big Idea?: Why Am I Jealous?

What's the Big Idea?
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Philosophy becomes child's play in this new series centred around Hugo and his friends from the Cbeebies series, What's The Big Idea?
Autor: Oscar Brenifier
Illustriert von: Jacques Despres
Oscar Brenifier, holds a Bachelor of biology degree (University of Ottawa) and a PhD in Philosophy (Paris IV - Sorbonne). For many years, in France as well as in the rest of the world, he has been working on the concept of 'philosophical practice', both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. He is one of the main promoters of the project of philosophy in the city, organizing philosophy workshops for children and adults and philosophy cafés, working as a philosophy consultant, etc. He has published about thirty books in this domain, including the 'Philozenfants' series (Editions Nathan), which has been translated into over twenty-five languages. He founded the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques (Institute of philosophical practice), to train practical philosophers and organize philosophy workshops in various places: schools, media centres, old people's homes, prisons, social centres, firms, etc. He is one of the authors of the UNESCO report: "Philosophy, a school of freedom".

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Autor: Oscar Brenifier
ISBN-13 :: 9781445147239
ISBN: 1445147238
Erscheinungsjahr: 10.03.2016
Verlag: Hachette Children's Group
Gewicht: 202g
Seiten: 32
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage Illustrated ed
Sonstiges: Buch, 175x217x9 mm
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