Information Privacy Fundamentals for Librarians and Information Professionals

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Privacy Origins of Privacy Rights Information Privacy Defined The Development of Privacy Rights Globally Technology Spurs the Creation of Fair Information Practice Principles Protecting Information Privacy U.S. Federal and State Privacy Laws Privacy Education and Application Bibliography Chapter 2 Protecting Information Privacy: A Professional Imperative Protecting Privacy in Information Environments Privacy and the Right to Receive Information Intellectual Privacy Reader Privacy Professional Importance of Protecting Information Privacy Conclusion Bibliography Chapter 3 Major U.S. Privacy Protections: Laws, Regulators, and Approaches to Enforcement Introduction Federal Agency Regulators Approaches to the Enforcement of Privacy Rights State Attorneys General and State Privacy Laws Self-Regulation Privacy Laws by Sector Costs Associated with Information Breach Conclusion Bibliography Chapter 4 Privacy Literacy Digital Literacy Information Literacy Privacy Education for Online Users Information Gathering Online Enhancing Privacy Online Mobile Devices and Information Privacy Keep Abreast of Changes The Promise of Safer Websurfing Conclusion Bibliography Chapter 5 Information Privacy in Libraries Greater Anonymity Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality on the Front Lines Patron Awareness The PATRIOT Act Minimizing Data Collection and Retention RFID Systems in Libraries Learning from Privacy Practices of Small and Medium Sized Businesses The Role of Privacy Professionals Locating and Examining Privacy Laws Dedicating Time for Privacy Review and Training Conclusion Bibliography Chapter 6 Privacy Policies and Programs Privacy Policies Privacy Programs Library Privacy Policies and Programs Conclusion Bibliography Chapter 7 Global Information Privacy Fair Information Practices The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's Guidelines Fair Information Practice Principles (USA) European Privacy Protections and the Data Protection Directive APEC Privacy Framework Canada's More Comprehensive Protections Conclusion Bibliography Glossary About the Author
This book introduces library and information professionals to information privacy, provides an overview of information privacy in the library and information science context, U.S. privacy laws by sector, information privacy policy, and key considerations when planning and creating a privacy program.
Autor: Cherie L. Givens
Cherie L. Givens is a privacy consultant with experience developing privacy policies and procedures and addressing privacy incidents while serving as privacy point of contact for the library services and content management business unit of the U.S. Government Printing Office. She is a certified information privacy professional (CIPP/US), attorney, and lecturer on the topics of information privacy, information policy, and ethics.

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Autor: Cherie L. Givens
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