American Foreign Policy

Past, Present, and Future
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PREFACE CHAPTER 1: Defining American Foreign Policy Problems CHAPTER 2: The Global Context CHAPTER 3: The American National Style CHAPTER 4: Learning from the Past CHAPTER 5: Society CHAPTER 6: Congress CHAPTER 7: Presidency CHAPTER 8: Bureaucracy CHAPTER 9: Policy-making Models CHAPTER 10: Diplomacy CHAPTER 11: Economic Instruments CHAPTER 12: Military Instruments: Big Wars CHAPTER 13: Military Instruments: Small Wars CHAPTER 14: Alternative Futures
Glenn Hastedt's clear and succinct introduction to the field provides a compelling way to prepare students to think about America's changing role in the world and to develop the critical thinking skills they need to participate in the debate about the conduct and content of American foreign policy. He does so in four specific ways. First, he raises the question, "what are the key components of foreign policy and what is the national interest?" Second, Hastedt looks to the past and asks, "how did we get here?" and "how do we learn from the past?" He finds the answers in the nature of the contemporary international system, the American national style, and the actions of past administrations. Third, he asks "how is foreign policy made?" Answering this question leads to an examination of American domestic politics on foreign policy, the institutions that make it, how they all come together to make policy, and the policy instruments available to decision makers. Fourth, he asks, "what next?"
The tenth edition updates reflect the latest headlines, helping students see American policy toward Syria, Russia, Eastern Europe, China, and other world hotspots in historical and geopolitical context.
Autor: Glenn Peter Hastedt
Glenn Hastedt is a professor of political science and justice studies at James Madison University where he teaches courses on American foreign policy and international relations.

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Autor: Glenn Peter Hastedt
ISBN-13 :: 9781442241619
ISBN: 1442241616
Erscheinungsjahr: 23.12.2014
Verlag: Rowman & Littlefield
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Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 10 Revised edition
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 246x172x32 mm, 14 black & white halftones, 15 tables, 1 graphs
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