Eduardo Chibás: The Incorrigible Man of Cuban Politics

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Introduction Chapter 1: "As Long As Any Cuban Suffers, I Will Fight for Him" Chapter 2: "Shoot Me in the Heart, the Ortodoxos Need a Martyr" Chapter 3: "No One Respects the Constitution" Chapter 4: "We are Alone With the People" Chapter 5: "The Miracle of Chibas" Chapter 6: "The Miracle of Chibas" Chapter 7: "The Cave of Ali Baba and His 40,000 Thieves" Chapter 8: "I'm Not One of Those Generals Who Dies in Bed" Chapter 9: "Time Will Prove Me Right Once Again" Chapter 10: "I am Going to Open My Briefcase" Epilogue
While Cuba's 1940 constitution was among the most progressive in the western hemisphere, few knew its details until political leader Chibas, whose suicide in 1951 precipitated the Cuban Revolution, read it on his radio program. This work explores Chibas's life in order to explain the nature of Cuban politics from the mid-twentieth century to today.
Autor: Ilan Ehrlich
Ilan Ehrlich is assistant professor of history at Bergen Community College.

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Autor: Ilan Ehrlich
ISBN-13 :: 9781442241176
ISBN: 1442241179
Erscheinungsjahr: 05.04.2015
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