The Art of Intelligence

Security and Professional Intelligence Education Series
Simulations, Exercises, and Games
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Introduction William J. Lahneman and Ruben Arcos Part 1. 1-2 Class Session Simulations 1. Estimating Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction William J. Lahneman and Hugo A. Keesing 2. Competing Hypotheses in Contemporary Intelligence Analysis Julian Richards 3. Facing Intelligence Analysts with ethical Scenarios Fernando Velasco and Ruben Arcos 4. Spies and Lies: The Perils of Collection (A Simulation) Kristan J. Wheaton and James Breckenridge 5. Learning Intelligence Analysis: The Development of Cognitive Strategies Dan Mazare and Gabriel Sebe 6. Kim's Game: Developing Powers of Observation and Memory William J. Lahneman Part 2. 1-2 Week Simulations 7. Cyber Attack on the Office of Intelligence Production: A Collaborative Simulation Randolph H. Pherson and Vaughn F. Bishop 8. Market and Competitor Analysis: Real Exercise Luis Madureira 9. "Need to Share" Intelligence and Crisis Management in Fighting Terrorism and Organized Crime: the Need for Integrated Training Solutions Gheorghe-Teodoru Stefan and Cristian Barna 10. A 3-D Intelligence Analysis on Migration as a Security Threat: From Data to Intelligence Irena Dumitru and Ella Ciuperca 11. TEST Simulation Model: Team Working and Experiential Scenario-based Training Chris Jagger and Julian Richards Part 3. Multi-week Simulations 12. Understanding Baynesian Thinking: Prior and Posterior Probabilities and Analysis of Competing Hypotheses in intelligence Analysis Sir David Omand, GCB 13. Assessment BASE: Simulating National Intelligence Assessment in a Graduate Course Philip H.J. Davies 14. Social Intelligence Survey: Mapping the Webs of embedded Intelligence Functions Wilhelm Agrell and Tobbe Peterson 15. Multimedia Intelligence Products: Experiencing the Intelligence Production Process and Adding Layers of Information to Intelligence Reports Ruben Arcos, Manuel Gertrudix & Jose Ignacio Prieto
Since the 9/11 attacks, the number of intelligence courses and related curricula have soared. Many instructors look for interactive learning tools because they add immeasurable value to the student's understanding of the intelligence enterprise. Such tools, however, take time and effort to develop and are not circulated among faculty. This is the first textbook to offer in one volume original simulations, exercises, and games designed by academics and intelligence professionals from several countries. These innovative methods are meant to enhance the learning experience and provide an international perspective to the topics and approaches discussed in class. Intelligence simulations and games are presented in ready-to run formats, from easy instructions to result recordings matrices, to minimize preparation time for both instructors and students. Exercises, such as cyber attack simulation, information sharing, ethical scenarios and more, expose the student to the many subtle aspects of the intelligence enterprise through active role-playing in simulations and game exercises.
The cases cover a wide range of key analytical issues and contexts with an international focus for an innovative text that will suit intelligence training courses at all levels.

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