Writing for Museums

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Acknowledgments Preface Chapter 1 Audio Tours Chapter 2 Blogs Chapter 3 Brochures Chapter 4 E-Mail Chapter 5 Education Chapter 6 Environmental Graphics Chapter 7 Exhibition Videos Chapter 8 Guided Tours Chapter 9 Lectures Chapter 10 Magazines Chapter 11 Newsletters Chapter 12 Pinterest, Twitter, and Social Media Strategies Chapter 13 Public Relations Chapter 14 Solicitation Letter Chapter 15 Store Chapter 16 Survey Questionnaires Chapter 17 Volunteers Chapter 18 Website Chapter 19 YouTube Chapter 20 Writing Tips References Bibliography
Whether written by administrators, staffers, freelancers, or interns, words are delivered by people in your museums with the knowledge that they will be interpreted by strangers. If you ever wished for a good writer, right on staff, ready to take on projects, major or routine, here's the help you're looking for.
Autor: Margot Wallace
Margot Wallace is an associate professor of marketing communication at Columbia College of Chicago who teaches courses in branding, marketing and writing, and has researched museum marketing for twelve years.

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Autor: Margot Wallace
ISBN-13 :: 9781442227644
ISBN: 1442227648
Erscheinungsjahr: 06.10.2014
Verlag: Rowman & Littlefield
Gewicht: 400g
Seiten: 258
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 230x170x17 mm, black & white illustrations, figures
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