Programming for People with Special Needs: A Guide for Museums and Historic Sites

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Preface Chapter 1: Museums, Education, and Accessibility Chapter 2: Sensitivity and Awareness: Preparing the Museum and Staff Chapter 3: Universal Design at Museums and Historic Sites Chapter 4: Model Programs of Accessibility at Museums in the United States Chapter 5: A Case Study and Model for Museums and Historic Sites: Seven Key Elements of Effective Programs Chapter 6: Conclusions: Making a Difference in Your Community Appendixes Bibliography Suggested Reading
The book features the seven keys to creating effective programming for people with special needs, especially elementary and secondary students with intellectual disabilities: *Sensitivity and awareness training *Planning and communication *Timing *Engagement and social/life skills *Object-centered and inquiry-based programs *Structure *Flexibility
Autor: Katie Stringer
Katie Stringer has performed research focusing on museum education, especially programs for people with disabilities and children in special education classes. She has worked in museums and historic sites in various capacities including education director, curator, collections manager, director of interpretation, and more.

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Autor: Katie Stringer
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