Raising Children in the Military

Military Life (Hardcover)
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Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Family Life in the military 2. Housing 3. Having a baby 4. Adoption 5. Disabilities 6. Child Care and Pre-school 7. Education and disruptions in schooling 8. Special Needs 9. Overseas schools 10. Moving and coping with frequent moves 11. Family separation and deployment 12. Finances, taxes and financial difficulties 13. Employment 14. Coping with death 15. Health care and insurance 16. Coping with stress 17. Substance Abuse 18. Domestic Violence 19. Coping with emergencies Resources
Military families with children face many of the everyday challenges that those families not in the military face, but they also face other challenges that the rest of us don't. This book looks at the special issues and concerns of military families raising children and provides support and resources for those families.
Autor: Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott, Don Philpott, Jeff Scott
Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott is a clinical therapist with a twenty-year track record of counseling services specializing in trauma care, post traumatic stress, and traumatic brain-injury treatment for wounded, ill, and injured service members and their families. As a senior consultant, under the Office of the Secretary of Defense, she is part of a team that seeks innovative and proactive ways to enhance resources and services to military members and their families. She recently participated in the corporate mission, vision, and implementation of projects for the Department of Defense to align current and future strategic plans and objectives. Her past positions include the Deputy Program Manager for the Recovery Care Coordination program nationwide for wounded, ill and injured service members and their families. Don Philpott is editor of International Homeland Security Journal and has been writing, reporting, and broadcasting on international events, trouble spots, and major news stories for almost forty years. For twenty years he was a senior correspondent with Press Association-Reuters, the wire service, and traveled the world on assignments including Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, and Asia. He writes for magazines and newspapers in the United States and Europe and is a regular contributor to radio and television programs on security and other issues. He is the author of more than 120 books on a wide range of subjects and has had more than five thousand articles printed in publications around the world. His recent books include Military Finances, Life after the Military, Military Mental Health Care, Terror-Is America Safe?, Workplace Violence Prevention, and the Education Facility Security Handbook. Jeff Scott, LtCol., is a 26-year prior enlisted United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who has held various leadership positions throughout his service with the most recent being the Commanding Officer of the world's first operational F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter squadron. In addition to being the first operational F-35 pilot and commander, LtCol Scott has received formal service training on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response as part of his leadership training and has mentored many Marines and families. LtCol Scott has also served with senior leadership at the Pentagon.

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Autor: Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott
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