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Governing to Win

Enhancing National Competitiveness Through New Policy and Operating Approaches
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Charles Prow
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Acknowledgments Introduction
by Charles L. Prow
Section I: The Imperative to Create Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability
Chapter One: Understanding What's Driving the Annual Deficit
by Lawrence J. Haas
Chapter Two: Understanding the Federal Government's Long-Term
Cost Drivers
by David M. Walker
Chapter Three: Creating a Strategic Approach to Budget Decisions
by F. Stevens Redburn
Chapter Four: Governance Is the New Competitiveness Imperative
by Gail D. Fosler
Section II: New Policy Approaches to Enhance Competitiveness
Chapter Five: Three Approaches to Fostering Economic
by Jason J. Fichtner
Chapter Six: Two Key Actions to Align Postsecondary Education
with the Labor Market
by Anthony P. Carnevale
Chapter Seven: Five Initiatives to Bend the Health Care Cost Curve
by Jack Meyer
Chapter Eight: Three Strategies to Increase Energy Efficiency
by Howard Geller
Section III: Moving to an "Enterprise USA" Approach in Government
Can Enhance Competitiveness
Chapter Nine: Create a New Value-Oriented Operating Model
for Government
by Charles L. Prow
Chapter Ten: Use Technology to Enhance Productivity
by Mark Forman
Chapter Eleven: Rethink Government Purchasing and Supply
by Raj Sharma
Chapter Twelve: Strategically Use Business Analytics
by Jeffrey C. Steinhoff
Chapter Thirteen: Expand the Use of Shared Services
by William R. Phillips and Debra Cammer Hines
About the Authors
Charles Prow has brought together an impressive lineup of businessmen and women, reporters, and experts to show how the United States can be more competitive in the global economy. This book shows not only what is wrong with the current federal spending plan, but ways to fix it. Business professionals and anyone interested in the government's response the recession will find this an important book.

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