The Still Divided Academy: How Competing Visions of Power, Politics, and Diversity Complicate the Mission of Higher Education

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Part 1 Acknowledgements Part 2 Preface Part 3 Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 4 Previous Studies of the Academy Chapter 5 The NAASS Survey Chapter 6 Layout of the Book Part 7 Chapter 2: Visions of the University Chapter 8 Goals of Education Chapter 9 Encouraging Cultural Understanding and Minority Perspectives Chapter 10 Perceptions of Educational Quality Chapter 11 Problems Facing Higher Education Chapter 12 Conclusion Part 13 Chapter 3: Perceptions of Power and Control in the American University Chapter 14 The Faculty-Administrative Divide Chapter 15 Varied Perceptions of Influence Chapter 16 Conflict as a Predictor of Influence Chapter 17 Collective Bargaining Chapter 18 Student Demands and Influence Chapter 19 Conclusion Part 20 Chapter 4: Politics and Culture Wars Chapter 21 Political Views of the Faculty Chapter 22 Politics of the Administration Chapter 23 Students' Political Values Chapter 24 Divisions within the Professoriate Chapter 25 Generational Differences Among Faculty Chapter 26 Politics and Scholarly Achievement Chapter 27 Conclusion Part 28 Chapter 5: Campus Diversity Chapter 29 The Campus Climate for Diversity Chapter 30 Personal Experiences with Ongoing Discrimination or Harassment Chapter 31 Campus Support for Diversity Chapter 32 Impact of Diversity Chapter 33 Conclusion Part 34 Chapter 6: Academic Freedom, Tenure, and the Free Exchange of Ideas Chapter 35 The Politics of Academic Freedom Chapter 36 Other Sources of Threat Chapter 37 Perceptions of Academic Freedom Chapter 38 Support for Tenure Chapter 39 Free expression on campus Chapter 40 Spiral of Silence? Chapter 41 Conclusion Part 42 Chapter 7: Conclusion Chapter 43 Access and Affordability Chapter 44 Accountability and Assessment Chapter 45 Social Change Chapter 46 Politics and Ideology in American Higher Education Chapter 47 Campus Dialogue Part 48 Appendix 1: A List of Questions Used in the NAASS Survey Part 49 Appendix 2: A Professor's Assessment of Institutional Success in Educating Students Part 50 Appendix 4: A University Rankings by Tier Part 51 Appendix 5: A Models of Trust for Students, Faculty and Administrators Part 52 Appendix 5: B The Impact of Varying Exclusion Methods on College Satisfaction Results Part 53 Appendix 6: A Why Professors Think Academic Tenure is Important Part 54 Bibliography
Drawing on data collected in a specially commissioned public opinion survey as well as other recent research on higher education, Rothman, Kelly-Woessner, and Woessner, create an incredibly readable presentation of both the similarities and differences between those running our universities and those attending them. The authors manage to remain impressively neutral; instead they give us a fuller perspective of the people on our college campuses.
Autor: Stanley Rothman, April Kelly-Woessner, Matthew Woessner
Stanley Rothman is Mary Huggins Gamble Professor of Government Emeritus at Smith College and the director of the Center for the Study of Social and Political Change. April Kelly-Woessner is associate professor of political science at Elizabethtown College. Matthew Woessner is an associate professor of political science and public policy at Penn State University at Harrisburg.

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Autor: Stanley Rothman
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