Early Childhood Education

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1 Preface 2 Chapter 1: Early Childhood: An Area of Study 3 Chapter 2: Historical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education 4 Chapter 3: Assessment in Early Childhood 5 Chapter 4 : Theoretical Perspectives of Early Childhood Education 6 Chapter 5: How We Know 7 Chapter 6: Public Policy 8 Chapter 7: Developing Literacy in Early Childhood 9 Chapter 8: Play 10 Chapter 9: Critical Race Theory in Early Childhood Education 11 Chapter 10: The Future of Early Childhood Education 12 Glossary 13 Bibliography 14 Subject Index 15 Name Index 16 About the Author
Harry Morgan lays the foundations of what early childhood education is by integrating the history of the field with the philosophy and theories behind this discipline. With lucid and engaging prose, Morgan delineates the beginnings of early childhood education and how it has become an important field of study in education today. In this updated edition, a new chapter about critical race theory and its implications on early childhood education has been included.

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