Plasma Astrophysics, Part II

Vol.341, Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Reconnection and Flares
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Plasma Astrophysics.- Particles and Fields: Exact Self-Consistent Description.- Statistical Description of Interacting Particle Systems.- Weakly-Coupled Systems with Binary Collisions.- Propagation of Fast Particles in Plasma.- Motion of a Charged Particle in Given Fields.- Adiabatic Invariants in Astrophysical Plasma.- Wave-Particle Interaction in Astrophysical Plasma.- Coulomb Collisions in Astrophysical Plasma.- Macroscopic Description of Astrophysical Plasma.- Multi-Fluid Models of Astrophysical Plasma.- The Generalized Ohm's Law in Plasma.- Single-Fluid Models for Astrophysical Plasma.- Magnetohydrodynamics in Astrophysics.- Plasma Flows in a Strong Magnetic Field.- MHD Waves in Astrophysical Plasma.- Discontinuous Flows in a MHD Medium.- Evolutionarity of MHD Discontinuities.- Particle Acceleration by Shock Waves.- Plasma Equilibrium in Magnetic Field.- Stationary Flows in a Magnetic Field.- Reconnection and Flares: Introduction.- Magnetic Reconnection.- Reconnection in a Strong Magnetic Field.- Evidence of Reconnection in Solar Flares.- The Bastille Day 2000 Flare.- Electric Currents Related to Reconnection.- Models of Reconnecting Current Layers.- Reconnection and Collapsing Traps in Solar Flares.- Solar-type Flares in Laboratory and Space.- Particle Acceleration in Current Layers.- Structural Instability of Reconnecting Current Layers.- Tearing Instability of Reconnecting Current Layers.- Magnetic Reconnection and Turbulence.- Reconnection in Weakly-Ionized Plasma.- Magnetic Reconnection of Electric Currents.- Epilogue.
This illustrated monograph explores the fundamentals, current practice, and theoretical perspectives of modern plasma astrophysics. The opening part covers basic principles and practical tools for understanding and working with plasma astrophysics. The second section examines the physics of magnetic reconnection and flares of electromagnetic origin in space plasmas in the solar system, and more. Designed mainly for professional researchers, it will be useful to graduate students in space sciences and geophysics.

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