Multivariate and Mixture Distribution Rasch Models

Extensions and Applications
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Introduction: extending the Rasch model or abandoning the Rasch model, Matthias von Davier, Jürgen Rost, Claus H. Carstensen.- Measurement models as narrative structures, Robert Mislevy, Chun-Wei Huang.- Testing generalized RM's, Cees A.W. Glas.- The mixed-coefficients multinomal logit model--a generalized form of the Rasch model, Raymond J. Adams, Margaret L. Wu.- Loglinear multivariate mixture Rasch models, Henk Kelderman.- Mixture distribution and hybrid Rasch models, Matthias von Davier, Kentaro Yamamoto.- Application of the Saltus model to stage-like data: some appliations and current developments, Karen Draney, Mark Wilson.- Determination of diagnostic cutpoints using stochastically ordered mixed Rasch models, Svend Kreiner.- A HYBRID model for test speededness, Keith A. Boughton, Kentaro Yamamoto.- Multidimensional three-mode RM's, Claus H. Carstensen, Jürgen Rost.- (Almost) equivalence between conditional and mixture maximum likelihood estimates for some models of the Rasch type, Anton K. Formann.- Rasch models for longitudinal data, Thorsten Meiser.- The interaction model, Shelby J. Haberman.- Multilvel Rasch models, Akihito Kamata, Yuk Fai Cheong.- Mixed Rasch models for measurement in cognitive psychology, Susan E. Embretson.- Detecting response styles and faking in personality and organizational assessments by mixed Rasch models, Michael Eid, Michael J. Zickar.- Application of multivariate Rasch models in international large scale educational assessments, Raymond J. Adams, Margaret L. Wu, Claus H. Carstensen.- Studying development via item response models: a wide range of potential uses, Judith Glück, Christiane Spiel.- A comparison of the Rasch model and constrained item response theory models for pertinent psychological test data, Klaus D. Kubinger, Clemens Draxler.- Latent response Rasch models for strategy shifts in problem solving processes, Carl P. M. Rijkes,Henk Kelderman.- Validity and objectivity in health related scales: analysis by graphical loglinear Rasch models, Svend Kreiner, Karl Bang Christensen.- Applications of generalized Rasch models in the sport, exercise and the motor domains, Gershon Tenenbaum, Bernd Strauss, Dirk Büsch.
This book examines extensions of the Rasch model, one of the most researched and applied models in educational research and social science. This collection contains 22 chapters by some of the most renowned international experts in the field. They cover topics ranging from general model extensions to applications in fields as diverse as cognition, personality, organizational and sports psychology, and health sciences and education.

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Autor: Claus H. Carstensen
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Auflage Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007
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