Vol.21, Springer Handbook of Auditory Research
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How come Electroreception?- From Electrogenesis to Electroreception: an Overview.- Morphology of Electroreceptive Sensory Organs.- Central Neuroanatomy of Electrosensory Systems in Fish-Ontogeny of Electroreceptors and their Neural Circuity.- The Physiolology of Low Frequency Electrosensory Systems-Physiology of Tuberous Electrosensory Systems.- Plasticity of Sense Organs and Brain-Behavior of Animals with Passive, Low-Frequency Electrosensory Systems.- Passive Electrolocation and the Sensory Guidance of Ordinary Behavior-Anatomy of Electric Sense Organs.- Target Detection, Image Analysis and Modeling.- Morphology of Electroreceptive Sensory Organs.- Comparing Octavolateralis Sensory Systems: What can we learn?- Diversity and Phylogeny of Neotropical Electric Fishes.- Electric Organs and their Control.
Electroreception has become one of the most revealing areas in the study of the neural basis of behavior, and neurobiologists recognize it as a model sensory system for experimental study. Through studies of electroreception, researchers have gained extensive knowledge about a complete sensory system, from molecular biology to computation, communication, and behavior. The book Electroreception will examine the behavior, structure, and function of the electrosensory systems of fish and other vertebrates. As a comprehensive volume on the subject, the book will serve as both an introduction to the study of electroreception and a reference and review volume for researchers in related fields.

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