An Introduction to Difference Equations

Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics
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* Preface * List of Symbols * Dynamics of First-Order Difference Equations * Linear Difference Equations of Higher Order * Systems of Linear Difference Equations * Stability Theory * Higher Order Scalar Difference Equations * The Z-Transform Method and Volterra Difference Equations * Oscillation Theory * Asymptotic Behavior of Difference Equations * Applications to Continued Fractions and Orthogonal Polynomials * Control Theory * Answers and Hints to Selected Problems * Appendix A: Stability of Nonhyperbolic Fixed Points of Maps on the Real Line * Vandermonde Matrix * Stability of Nondifferentiable Maps * Stable Manifold and Hartman-Grobman-Cushing Theorems * Levin-May Theorem * Classical Orthogonal Polynomials * Identities and Formulas * References * Index
A must-read for mathematicians, scientists and engineers who want to understand difference equations and discrete dynamicsContains the most complete and comprehenive analysis of the stability of one-dimensional maps or first order difference equations.
Has an extensive number of applications in a variety of fields from neural network to host-parasitoid systems.
Includes chapters on continued fractions, orthogonal polynomials and asymptotics.
Lucid and transparent writing style

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Autor: Saber Elaydi
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ISBN: 1441920013
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