Southriderz: Love at First Kiss

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It's Alice R. Francesco High School's first year in operation. Six teens from different parts of the U.S. come here to attend this new state-of-the-art school in the notorious southside of Chicago. New Yorkers, Lisa and Neil meet up with Bronx native, Stacy and her Chicago based best friends, Elliot and Drip. Not to mention they all get along with their new friend Lady who's brand new from northern Colorado. Together, they will go through the only emotional rollercoaster to become friends, lovers, and much more. Join them as they travel near and far and get down like real teenagers are suppose to. Grab your skate and skate at "Galaxy Spaceship" or cruise down the Dan Ryan Expressway on 24's. Whatever you choose, it's going to be a fun ride.

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Autor: Nicholas B. Maione
ISBN-13 :: 9781434392732
ISBN: 1434392732
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.2009
Gewicht: 204g
Seiten: 132
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 229x152x8 mm
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