Gabrielle Graham: A Call to Angels

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GABRIELLE GRAHAM "A Call to Angels" When nine-year-old Gabrielle Graham dives into the family pool to retrieve a ring that she has inadvertently dropped, she bumps her head and finds herself transported to an enchanted golden staircase. As she climbs the stairs, in an effort to exit the pool, Gabi is confronted by a succession of angels appearing in the form of her favorite toys. Some are comical, others more serious. Each has a message that pertains to the teachings of her Sunday school class earlier that day. Gabrielle's dog, Angel, alerts her parents by howling loudly and moments later, upon awakening beside the pool, Gabi becomes aware that she has nearly drowned and that her encounter with the angels on the golden stairs was a strange and amazing dream-like illusion. Or was it? When a newspaper publishes the story of her perceived journey, the young girl is very surprised to learn that her experience is not that uncommon as others come forward with their own amazing near-death stories. "A Call to Angels" is designed to bring comfort and solace to the children of fallen soldiers, and those with life-threatening diseases. It is a fictional tale with a big message that is written for children of all ages. It is a lesson in recognizing the consequences of inappropriate actions, as well as pursuing their purpose in life. It further reminds the reader of the "Golden Rule" a fundamental moral principle found in virtually all major religions and cultures, to treat others as one would like to be treated.

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Autor: Patricia R. Labeda
ISBN-13 :: 9781434364548
ISBN: 1434364542
Gewicht: 191g
Seiten: 68
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 217x217x5 mm
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