The Yearning of Yahveh: A Devotional Bible Study of God's Love for His People as Described in the Old Testament

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THE YEARNING OF YAHVEH In terms of man's morality, the Old Testament is an account of tragic failure. Israel strayed repeatedly from the path mapped out by God, and He corrected them repeatedly with tough-love discipline. From the viewpoint of God's love, the Old Testament is a journal of immense compassion. Despite Israel's failures, God kept yearning for their genuine trust and love. He refused to give up on them and called them back by His prophets who relentlessly declared, "Thus says the LORD." The LORD is a translation of the Hebrew name Yahveh, God's personal name He revealed to Moses at the burning bush. The Yearning of Yahveh takes the reader on an exciting one-page-per-day journey through the Old Testament. Join the tour and discover the gospel in the scrolls of Hebrew Scripture.

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Autor: Jacob Van Zyl
ISBN-13 :: 9781434363985
ISBN: 1434363988
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