The Gang Gun Violence Prevention Handbook

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This book takes a down to earth look at Gang Gun Violence and what we can do as American citizens to eliminate it. Every household, school, church, community center, and organization who is working to stop or eliminate Gang Gun Violence should have a copy of this book. There is no book on Gang Gun Violence which contains more information on the subject than this one. Once you start reading it you will find it very hard to put it down. The information in the book just seemed to jump out and capture your attention and cause you to see gang culture for what it really is. Your eyes will be opened in many new ways, and your mind will sing triumphantly, "This is it, this is it." This is the kind of book I been looking for. Your life will never be the same after reading this book. People who especially work with youths need this book, and every Police Department or Gang Task Force should have this information ready to enlighten, as a form of prevention, for any would be gang member. You can not put a price on a book that help's as much as this book does.

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Autor: Cirven D. Merrill
ISBN-13 :: 9781434362216
ISBN: 1434362213
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