Hope and Glory

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HOPE and GLORY SYNOPSIS How many of you wished we were no longer in the European Union? How many of you feel that there is nobody in politics that supports this view? How many of you hold back on this view, because of uncertainty about what would happen? NOW, YOU CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS WITH THIS NEW BOOK Britain has a new Prime Minister. He is a bold and blunt Yorkshireman. Elected on a mandate of "Britain for the British," he immediately removes the Country from the European Union. Amid all the turmoil created by this momentous decision, the European Commissioner for trade is in deep trouble for allowing Britain to remove itself to the detriment of the European coffers. He is desperate to keep his job. The ultimate master of spin, he is determined to discredit the British Prime Minister for his own benefit....or is he??? While the Political situation unfolds, a British businessman attempts to come to terms with re structuring his business within the new rules of engagement outside of Europe. Without realising it, he also has to combat the jealous actions of a former employee who is determined by any means possible to scupper these plans for his own devious pleasure. Would Britain ever leave the EU?? Could it survive the shock?? What would happen if Britain ever took such a step? To answer these questions and more READ HOPE AND GLORY NOW

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Autor: Ingram David Ingram
ISBN-13 :: 9781434362131
ISBN: 1434362132
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