Making Your Own Trail

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Daniel Martin Molliver
150 g
229x152x6 mm

MAKING YOUR OWN TRAIL Think about it and don't STOP! Through not stopping for any goal to open your mind and existance, id to understand what your reasons are. For that is it, hitting different feelings of excellance, and your best purity that was ever felt. American dreams were made, a constant battle for nothing is perfect for another. But to stop and think, that is right to remember for your reach. The sky being the limit, and showing what your inner soul is planning for the future of your life, and surroundings to adapt too. If there is a way, then there is a way to make it! Sticking, studying, making thoughts and goals happen for love. Humanity, life and society needs your undivided help. Motor minded to get to your legendary start of the way. It's here, it's now, just like NOW! Once ot's in your blood you just don't walk away from it, so it grows and is something forever. Having the Great Lord on your side for help, makes anything possible to attain as a goal. A bunch of goals into one, like this, is to tell yourself, anything studied can be accomplished, touched, and spread to share and tell. No more games and no more bull. In order to reach your trail, you need in action, style, faith, love, charisma, strength, in growtyh, and love to do, show, and tell, in rememberance, in climb, and forever. This is a legendary time of life. In help from love of wisdom and knowledge reached, a new trail in life, "Your Own Trail!"

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