Sherlock, John, and Trevor: A Sherlockian Trio in a Trio of Sherlockian Adventures

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C. C. Williamsen
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229x152x16 mm

"Sherlock, John, and Trevor" is a collection of three stories. Sherlock Holmes is prominent in all three, which take place early in the 20th century. The first two stories, "The Adventure of the Dozen Doctored Gutties" and "The Adventure of The Beleaguered Cub Fan" involve Sherlock Holmes visiting America. The third, "The Adventure of The Departed Loved Ones," Sherlock Holmes has traveling to South America, Africa, and Asia in pursuit of an old nemesis. Dr. John Watson appears prominently in the first two stories. He has only a minor role in the third story. Trevor Waterford is prominent in all three stories and narrates the third story. As a child Trevor was a member of "The Baker Street Irregulars" and helped obtain vital evidence in many of Mr. Holmes' cases. In our first pastiche, baseball's Hall of Fame pitcher and sports equipment mogul, A.G. Spalding, hires our trio to protect the famous golfer, Harry Vardon, in his pursuit of the first U. S. Open Golf Championship, in 1900. Vardon's caddy has mysteriously fallen off a cliff in Scotland. Trevor Waterford becomes Harry's new caddy. The second pastiche involves the Chicago Cubs' journey to the World Series of Baseball in 1906. Trevor Waterford is framed for the murder of a bookie. Sherlock Holmes visits quake ravaged San Francisco to solve a disappearance for A. P. Giannini, famous bank founder. On his way back to England, Holmes visits Chicago, in the nick of time for Trevor. In the third story, Trevor Waterford returns to assist Sherlock Holmes in an investigation of the occult. The case widens to include the prelude to World War I. Sherlock and Trevor travel in a submarine to try and rescue Mycroft Holmes and settle a score withan old nemesis. This story involves a character last seen in Switzerland, many years earlier.

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