Lone Star Destiny

A Sequel to Frontier Justice
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Jerry Snodgrass
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234x156x16 mm

The long-awaited sequel to Frontier Justice continues with the gripping saga of the Steel family of TexasIt is 1878, as young John Wesley Steel leaves home for the wild Texas Frontier. It is a deadly time in the state's fledgling history as Indian, Mexican, and white men fight for their beliefs. Wes works as a cowboy and then begins the life of a Texas Ranger, he soon falls in love and marries. But as Steel's family grows, so do the dangers, and now he must fight to save his dear ones and the land he loves. I opened the envelope with shaky hands, unfolded the dirty piece of paper, and started reading the contents to myself. I laid the note down on my desk, and then I picked it up again. I want all the Rangers that are in the building to assemble outside my office, immediately. I ordered the nearest sergeant standing outside my office. I addressed the Rangers and told them what had happened, and that James has been kidnapped. I want y'all to hear what's in the ransom note: "Captain Steel, we have your son, and by the time you read this note, we will have him in Mexico. You are to bring 200,000 dollars in gold to the border town of Zapata within seven days. You must come alone, and if you do not follow these instructions, we will kill the boy."

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