Social Security

Immaculate Deception - A National Disgrace
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Robert James Karpie
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Social Security - A Wake-Up Call; Think Purple!Four old codgers are sick and tired of the abuse and neglect which occurs daily in their old-folks-home. Max has a broken leg for getting involved as he tried to help his buddy Thomas with his bed pan. Unfortunately, Thomas is now in the intensive care unit at the county hospital. He's in a coma. Another resident, Marge Taylor; has been repeatedly beaten and raped and hasn't spoken a word since her tragic ordeal started. She was too afraid to report her cruel and inhumane treatment.Loss of morale dictates as anxiety and pessimism have set in to say the least; thanks to the agony and shame that has been inflicted upon them by the so called system. Eventually, the shit hits the fan in protest and arrest. The press is having a field day, the old folks are demonstrating and the Four Amigo; Clarence, Max, Sarge and Henry are playing cards, conspiring to overthrow the system and make change by taking matters into their own hands as they vow to conquer Hell-Prudent-Paradise.They actually hire a lawyer, Chi, Clarence's grandson who sues the state as well as the owners of Hell. The residents go wild with the idea and unite as they pool their resources and purchase Prudent Paradise in the Name of Love. They change its name to Social Security and become one big family; with a bar, pool, hot tubs, pets, the O-zone, and a Laugh Room. They learn to live and enjoy life again as sex is on their minds.Clarence and his Amigos have their hands full. Sometimes he wonders if they bit off more than they can chew. He falls in Love which seems to be contagious. Unfortunately, life is dangerous. Together, they continue to address uncertainty as they confront destiny; in spite of its ups and downs. Their goal is to make change before it's too late and out of control. Thus, they devise a plan to challenge the troubles that are plaguing America today; which most citizens choose chose to ignore as the 'Elite Powers That Be' herds us like cattle into organized chaos.This Novel is a little obscene, dramatic, provocative, and educational through a historical review, including several unnerving National Disgraces which have infected the world but were covered up in the Name of National Security. On a lighter note, it is also funny as well as bitter-sweet and a bit violent but then again, that's Life. For as Mark Twain proclaimed: "Man is the only animal that blushes, the only one that needs to."Hence, you will laugh and you will cry, but my aim is to STIMULATE your brain, connect the dots; so to speak and make you think. This is but a Wake-up Call. Frankly, the system itself is consuming the consumers. We are becoming slaves economically as our Individual Rights & Freedoms are cannibalized from within by own government; an Immaculate Deception

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