Notes of Travel and Life

Travel in America
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Co-written with Charlotte Hosmer. Two book peddlers compose their notes. "I went to the home of a young lady who was once a schoolmate of mine, and was ushered into the parlor, where I found mother and daughter. The mother languidly requested me to be seated; the daughter raised her half-closed and dreamy eyes, and gave me a look of recognition without moving from the velvet sofa on which she was reclining. I addressed the mother, making known the object of my call. She weariedly turned over my books, and passed some of them to her daughter, saying: "Daughter, dear, would you like to subscribe for any?" The daughter, half-rising, and selecting a popular work, subscribed for it, ordering a copy richly gilt and bound, when the mother added: "Daughter, have you consulted your purse, with regard to your jewelry, and perhaps a party dress for the coming month?" Ah, me! Am I dreaming, or is this the mortal greatness that we are all striving for!"

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Autor: Sarah Mendell
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