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Say Yes & The Cinderella Solution

An Anthology
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Lori Foster
Harlequin Special Releases
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>Say Yes by Lori FosterBegging wasn't her style...but she would if he wouldn'tSara Simmons had decided that, for her, marriage and happily ever after wasn't meant to be. Still, he wasn't averse to having a fling with sexy Gavin Blake. But Gavin wanted more, and his new motto was "Why buy the bull if you can get the beef free?" It was driving Sara crazy, trying to keep her hands off him while he played virgin her Don Juan....>The Cinderella Solution by Cathy YardleyThe woman of his dreams was right under his nose...When Charlotte Taylor's best friend, Gabe Donofrio, agreed with her that she wasn't the type of woman men fall in love with, she bet him a thousand dollars she's have a marriage proposal in three months. Then she turned her tomboy self into a sexy siren, The World's Most Eligible Bachelor moved in next door...and Gabe realized he'd made a big mistake!

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