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Annie, Get Your Guy & Messing Around With Max

An Anthology
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Lori Foster
Harlequin Special Releases
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It's hard to get serious when your one and only won't take you seriouslyAnnie, Get Your GuyLori FosterWhat was a woman supposed to do? Guy Donovan had always treated Annie Sawyers like a little sister. But Annie already had a brother—what she wanted was a husband. Guy, to be precise! So when he announced his plans to get engaged—to the wrong woman! —Annie set out to seduce him. Which would have been a lot easier if Guy wasn't playing hard to get...Messing Around With MaxLori FosterHis love life was going to the dogs!Max Sawyers would do anything for his mangy, bad-tempered mutt, Cleo—he'd even give up his footloose lifestyle and take a wife. The trouble was, the only woman Cleo had ever taken a liking to was Maddie Montgomery. And Maddie was also the only woman on the planet who didn't want to snag Max permanently!

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