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Weight Management

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Elizabeth Bauchner
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Do you need to lose a few pounds? Are you overweight—or are you just built differently from the "Barbie-doll" (or "Ken-doll") shape? Sometimes it's hard to tell. In a culture that insists we all have to be model-thin, it's hard to judge. Dieting is a big business that sells books, magazines, and food products. In the midst of so many conflicting messages, it can be hard to sort out fact from fiction. We all want to look our best—and at the same time, we all hate to deny ourselves our favorite foods! Healthy weight management is all about achieving the weight that's right for you—and this book will give you the facts you need to determine what is right for you. Your ideal weight will depend on many factors—your height, your body type, your gender, your age—but there are at least two common factors for successful weight management: regular exercise and a balanced diet. Forget "diets" and focus instead on a lifetime of healthy habits. In the long run, weight management is not about denying yourself. It's about providing your body with what it truly needs—and this book will tell you how.

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