The Last Hurrah

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Brad Tierney a retired intelligence officer was past his prime. Little did he know that the president of the United States would playa hand in changing his life by providing him one last hurrah. A Colombian drug cartel has kidnapped Dr. Ortiz, a Chilean who has always spoken out for democracy. They plan to deliver him to Castro, who will brainwash him to give a speech in Cuba denouncing democracy. Tierney is hired to put together a mercenary unit to rescue Dr. Ortiz and in the process destroys the drug operation. A superb plot filled with exciting action, double crosses, good against evil, and beautiful women... a picture of the beastliness underlying the world of narcotics, a world without scruples, brutality without restraint... John-Patrick Scott passes the highest test of fiction with flying colors.

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Autor: John-Patrick Scott
ISBN-13 :: 9781420899559
ISBN: 1420899554
Gewicht: 907g
Seiten: 516
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 229x152x33 mm
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