The Future of Religious Organizations: There Is a Better Way Than Holding on with White Knuckles Until Whatever This Is Goes Back to Wherever It Came

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Religious organizations face a real crisis. Our culture has changed and change will accelerate. In times of stability organizations grow to a size that challenges their ability to sustain themselves. We have begun a time of cultural instability. In times of stability large organizations thrive. In times of instability small organizations thrive. The hope for religious organizations in this culture is found in small, autonomous, connected organizations which each carry our hopes and dreams into the future. Making that kind of transition is difficult. This book gives you a road map to make it happen. The future of your organization requires that you let go of your past structure. This book is something to hold on to as you grasp for the future. There is a future. We invite you to be part of it.

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Autor: Arthur Jaggard
ISBN-13 :: 9781420895964
ISBN: 1420895966
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