Yes, I Am Albino

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This is a book about overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges. It is about reaching for the unseen strength deep within us. It is an opportunity for you, the reader, to witness a soul becoming self-actualized and healing the wounds into the triumph of Self-transformation. YES, I AM ALBINO is the true story of one albino woman's journey from the darkness of childhood abuse and prejudice to wholeness and the path of enlightenment. This is an awakening to the understanding that no one is his or her color, be it black, red, white, yellow, or brown; that indeed we are not just our physical bodies, but instead something greater, something eternal, pure, and innocent. My journey to wholeness begins with spiritual therapy.

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Autor: Lucrecia Torres
ISBN-13 :: 9781418458423
ISBN: 1418458422
Gewicht: 209g
Seiten: 108
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x216x7 mm
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