Enough Is Enough: A Woman's Struggle with Abuse

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Bernadette Naomi Chowthi
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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH is the inspiring, provocative, and incredible true story of the author's turbulent life and her relentless struggle for freedom and survival amid parental and spousal abuse. A virgin at seventeen, she falls in love for the first time with an older man. Desperate to escape her parents' cruelty, his marriage proposal seems like a God-send, but her misfortune only increases when he deceives her, rapes her, mistreats her, and forces her to elope with him, despite his marriage and two children. Denounced and disowned by her parents and family, she endures a life of physical, mental and sexual abuse, humiliation, fear, and poverty, as she continues in her struggle. All her attempts to escape fail. But just when she has a perfect plan, she becomes pregnant. Now she wonders if she deserves her fate as punishment for her mistakes, but knows she must change it, for her own sake and her beloved daughter's. On the brink of insanity and suicide, she begs the Almighty for strength and courage to cope with her adversities. Left with no family, no friends, no money, and no love, she battles eight long, hard years under her oppressor's tyrannical rule, until.

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