The Embodiment of God as a Whole: Being At-1

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One evening in 1991, businessman Don Marr was awakened suddenly from his sleep by a mysterious force. Ideas flowed swiftly through his mind as his hand would write on its own. He was told that this was a voluntary process that could be stopped at any time. He arose that night and many nights to follow. His efforts resulted in two books: "A GATEWAY TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS," and "MY FATHER CALLS ME," (One Man's Way Back To GOD.) In this third book, the dialogue format of "MY FATHER CALLS ME" (One Man's Way Back To GOD) continues. The emphasis is on the concept of all of us being "AT - 1." What comments would someone who understands that we are all one have for us? Will the universe really shift to this idea? When might it happen? These issues are addressed in the question-and-answer format that were used in Don's previous book. The dialogue between Self and Higher Self concerns the knowledge about our future.

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Autor: Don Marr
ISBN-13 :: 9781418401504
ISBN: 1418401501
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 203x127x6 mm
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