Beware the Child: A Journey with Adolescent Sex Offenders

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Children who molest children are society's dark little secret. That's exactly why lay persons, as well as professionals, should read this chilling portrait of male adolescent sex offenders. It is an authentic silhouette of their characteristics and conduct which help the reader, indeed, beware. Daring to peek into this shadowy corner of histories and anecdotes will result in sharpened insight into predatory behavior that devastates the innocence of childhood. That insight, fueled by the information in this book, can help preserve a precious purity. This personal account gifts the reader with: Thinking errors in male adolescent sex offenders. Ways to teach morality to children who have already committed immoral acts. More than 350 myths and faulty beliefs which adolescent sex offenders act on. Cautions to the general public about signs to watch for . Details of essential treatment which must be internalized if the offender is to return to society. Some information in this book is probably available in professional journals and books, but not in an anecdotal style which the author has deliberately adopted to encourage generalized readership about this serious social issue.

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Autor: Joyce F. Lakey
ISBN-13 :: 9781418401443
ISBN: 1418401447
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Sprache: Englisch
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