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On This Day

Daily Inspiration for the History Buff, the Trivia Lover, and the Innately Curious
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Carl D. Windsor
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Each morning the alarm goes off, and a new day begins.
Each morning the alarm goes off, and a new day begins. Who was born on this day of the year? What happened on this day in history? This book is a fun, quick-moving way to learn more about each day of the year. You will discover people who share your birthday, and you will learn events that took place on your special day. . When did the Titanic sink? (April 15) . What day was Billy Graham born? (November 7) . When did Carnegie Hall open? (May 5) . What day was Jeff Foxworthy born? (September 6) . When did TV show Meet The Press begin? (November 6) . What day was Eric Clapton born? (March 30) . When did St. Jude's Hospital open? (February 4) . What day was Paul Revere born? (January 1) Each day includes a list of historical events, the birthdays of famous people, a scripture, and a short devotional thought to inspire you. You will grow in knowledge and in spiritual development. Read a page each day! Learn for yourself and impress your friends at the same time.

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