Teachers Leading Change: Doing Research for School Improvement

Leading Teachers, Leading Scho
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A Note on the Supporting Materials in This Book
Chapter One: Teachers As Leaders Of Learning
Chapter Two: Unlocking School Cultures
Chapter Three: Teacher Research - And Beyond
Chapter Four: Enquiry to Support Teachers Leading Change
Finding a Focus
The Art of Case Study
Ethical Enquiry
Reflecting On Practice
Voices for Change
Exploring Stories, Selves and Identities
Making an Impact: Interactive Enquiry for Change
Gathering and Using Evidence
Making Sense and Making Meaning
Improving Practice
Chapter Five: Teachers' Stories of Change
Gloria's Story: Teacher Leadership to Improve the Learning Culture in the School's Sixth Form
Sarah's Story: Dilemmas in Improving the Place and Perception of Technology in the Curriculum
Jonathan's Story: Empowering A Level Biology Students to Become Independent Learners
Working with the Culture: Developing a Model for Teacher-Led School Change
Chapter Six: Towards New Ways of Working
Resources Available Online:
An Audit of Professional Development Activity
Some Definitions of Leadership.
The Impact of Teacher-Led Development Work:
How Can Headteachers Support Teachers Leading Change?
What Can Teacher Leaders Do To Build Capacity?
Has Your Research Taken Full Account Of Ethical Issues?
`Their book will be of interest to teachers who wish to be proactive rather than reactive. It will be important reading for anyone who wishes to undertake school-based research' - Times Educational Supplement

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