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Part One: Historical and Philosophical PrecedentsGenesis to Locke Man Created in God's ImageGraven Images - Genesis 2: 26 and 27Abraham and the Idol Shop of his Father Terah - Exodus 20: 4-6The Simile of the Cave - Midrash RabbahArt and Illusion - PlatoThe Origins of Imitation - PlatoThinking with Images - AristotleIconodules and Iconoclasts in Byzantium - AristotleJohn of DamascusHoros at Nicaea, 787 A.D.Horos at Niera, 754 A.D.Image and IdolatryEvil Demon - Thomas HobbesImages and the Brain - René DescartesOf Ideas - René DescartesKant to Freud - John LockeRepresentation and ImaginationSpace and Time - Immanuel KantCamera Obscura - Gotthold LessingThe Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret Thereof - Karl Marx and Friedrich EngelsHow the Real World at Last Became a Myth - Karl MarxOn Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense - Friedrich NietzscheImages, Bodies and Consciousness - Friedrich NietzscheThe Dream-Work - Henri BergsonPart Two: Theories of Images - Sigmund FreudIdeology CritiqueTelevision: Multilayered StructureSociety of the Spectacle - Theodor AdornoThe Precession of Simulacra - Guy DebordImage as Commodity - Jean Baudrillard'Race' and Nation - Fredric JamesonNever Just Pictures - Paul GilroyArt History - Susan BordoStudies in IconologyInvention and Discovery - Erwin PanofskyInterpretation without Representation, or, The Viewing of Las Meninas - Ernst GombrichTowards a Visual Critical Theory - Svetlana AlpersSemiotics - Susan Buck-MorssNature of the Linguistic SignThe Sign: Icon, Index, and Symbol - Ferdinand de SaussureThe Third Meaning - Charles Sanders PeirceFrom Sub- to Suprasemiotic: The Sign as Event - Roland BarthesThe Semiotic Landscape - Mieke BalPhenomenology - Gunter Kress and Theo van LeeuwenThing and WorkEye and Mind - Martin HeideggerDescription - Maurice Merleau-PontyImagination - Jean-Paul SartreScientific Visualism - Mikel DufrennePsychoanalysis - Don IhdeThe Gaze / AnamorphosisThe All-Perceiving Subject - Jacques LacanWoman as Image (Man as Bearer of the Look) - Christian MetzCindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills - Laura MulveyTwo Kinds of Attention - Joan CopjecPart Three: Image Culture - Anton EhrenzweigImages and WordsThe Roots of PoetryIcon and Image - Ernest FenollosaThis is Not a Pipe - Paul RicoeurThe Despotic Eye and its Shadow: Media Image in the Age of Literacy - Michel FoucaultImages, Audiences, and Readings - Robert RomanyshynImage as Thought - Kevin DeLucaPictures and FactsBody Images - Ludwig WittgensteinInvoluntary Memory - Antonio DamasioThe Philosophical Imaginary - Marcel ProustThought and Cinema: The Time-Image - Michèle Le DoeuffThe Dialectical Image - Gilles DeleuzeWays of Remembering - Walter BenjaminFabrication - John BergerTaking a Line for a WalkOn Montage and the Filmic Fourth Dimension - Paul KleeElectronic Tools - Sergei EisensteinCamera Lucida - William J. MitchellImages Scatter into Data, Data Gather into Images - David HockneyVisual Culture - Peter GalisonThe Medium is the MessageThe Image of the City - Marshal McLuhanThe Image-World - Kevin LynchThe Philosopher as Andy Warhol - Susan SontagSymbol, Idol and Murti: Hindu God-images and the Politics of Mediation - Arthur DantoThe United Colors of Diversity - Gregory Price GrieveThe Unbearable Lightness Of Sight - Celia LuryVision and Visuality - Meiling ChengModernising VisionThe Im/Pulse to See - Jonathan CraryLighting for Whiteness - Rosalind KraussCultural Relativism and the Visual Turn - Richard Dyer The Modularity of Vision - Martin JayImage Studies - Semir ZekiThe Family of ImagesThe Domain of Images - W.J.T. MitchellA Constructivist Manifesto - James ElkinsImages, Not Signs - Barbara StaffordWhat is Iconoclash? Or is there a World Beyond the Image Wars? - Régis Debray
Images: A Reader provides a key resource for students, academics, practitioners and other readers engaged in the critical, theoretical and practical study of images. The Reader is concerned with the notion of the 'image' in all its theoretical, critical and practical contexts, uses and history. The Reader provides a map of the differences and similarities between the various disciplinary approaches to images, breaking the ground for a new interdisciplinary study of images, in the arts and humanities and beyond.

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Autor: Sunil Manghani
ISBN-13 :: 9781412900454
ISBN: 141290045X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2006
Verlag: Sage Publications Ltd
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 242x169x24 mm
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