The Hasidic Community of Williamsburg: A Study in the Sociology of Religion

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How is it the Hasidim, who separate themselves not only from non-Jews and unreligious Jews but also from religious Orthodox Jews whose religious ideology, intensity and frequency of traditional religious behavior do not meet Hasidic standards, creating a sociological wall between themselves and others whom they do not consider traditionally religious, are able to survive, indeed thrive, well into the twenty-first century while maintaining their social isolation and avoiding assimilation into the American culture, especially living amongst the cultural and ethnic diversity and temptations of New York City? The Hasidic Community of Williamsburg explores and explains this sociological phenomenon
Autor: Solomon Poll
Solomon Poll (d. 2004) a native Hungarian who, at one time, studied in a Hasidic rabbinical school, received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, taught at the University of New Hampshire and served as a visiting professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. William B. Helmreich is a professor of sociology at CUNY Graduate Center and City College. He is working on a book about risk behavior.

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Autor: Solomon Poll
ISBN-13 :: 9781412805735
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