The Common Law Tradition: A Collective Portrait of Five Legal Scholars

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The Common Law Tradition examines the lives and achievements of five individuals who helped broaden the perspectives of the legal academy Edward H. Levi, Harry Kalven, Jr., Karl Llewellyn, Philip Kurland, and Kenneth Culp Davis and assesses the extent to which their immediate agendas were realied. What distinguished these men is that their work was practical and rooted in the law, and hence yielded concrete applications. The groups diversity, the tolerant atmosphere in which they taught and wrote, and the attachment of its individual members to empirical approaches make their ideas of continuing importance.
Ausgew臧lt von: Paul D. Carrington
Autor: George W. Liebmann
George W. Liebmann is a Baltimore lawyer in private practice with the firm of Liebmann and Shively, P.A. He is the author of The Little Platoons: Sub-Local Governments in Modern History, The Gallows in the Grove: Civil Society in American Law, Six Lost Leaders: Prophets of Civil Society, and Neighborhood Futures, published in a paperback edition by Transaction.

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Autor: George W. Liebmann
ISBN-13 :: 9781412805605
ISBN: 1412805600
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2006
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