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Crap CVs

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Jenny Crompton
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A HILARIOUS COMPILATION OF THE WORST JOB APPLICATIONS IMAGINABLE - A PERFECT STOCKING FILLER OR OFFICE SECRET SANTA GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS. Ever read a truly terrible job application? Or perhaps slightly exaggerated the truth on one of your own...We've all been there - but these are worse. So much worse. From overly-honest cover letters, embarrassing typos, and mortifying personal revelations, to awkward interview questions, misplaced self-confidence, and, of course, outright lies. This hilarious collection of shockingly dreadful job applications, crap CVs and excruciating interviews will have you laughing out loud, while also making you feel so much better about yourself - because at least you weren't ever this bad . . .Application for EmploymentI refer to the recent death of the Technical Manager at your company and hereby apply for the replacement of the deceased manager.Each time I apply for a job, I get a reply that there is no vacancy but in this case I have caught you red-handed and you have no excuse because I even attended the funeral to be sure that he was truly dead and buried before applying.Attached to my letter is a copy of my CV and his death certificate.The Interview:Q. Is there anything about this job that you feel you might not be very good at?A. Dealing with people.Q. What person, living or dead, would you most like to meet?A. The living one.

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