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Black Rabbit Hall

The enchanting mystery from the author of The Glass House
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Eve Chase
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A secret history. A long-ago summer. A house with an untold story . . .THE SPELLBINDING MYSTERY FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING RICHARD & JUDY PICK, THE GLASS HOUSE'Completely swept me away. Glorious, beautifully written . . . I absolutely loved it' LISA JEWELL'Utterly gorgeous, atmospheric and spellbinding' 5***** READER REVIEW'Black Rabbit Hall's beautifully crafted mystery is a delight I want to experience again and again' STYLIST_________The hours pass differently at Black Rabbit Hall.For the four Alton children, it's the perfect summer escape where not much ever happens - until one stormy evening their idyllic world is shattered.Decades later, Lorna is drawn to a crumbling Cornish manor house she hazily remembers from childhood - feels a bond she does not understand.But a disturbing message left by one of the Alton children tells her that Black Rabbit Hall's history is as dark and tangled as its woods.And much like her own past, it must be brought into the light . . .A spellbinding story of two women, separated by decades, but inextricably linked by their connection to the beautiful and mysterious Black Rabbit Hall._________'Black Rabbit Hall's beautifully crafted mystery is a delight I want to experience again and again' Stylist'Beautifully written and evocative . . . A delight' 5***** Reader Review'Atmospheric, with echoes of du Maurier, this haunting novel enchanted me' Woman & Home'Beautifully, poetically written and reminiscent of everything from I Capture The Castle to Hansel And Gretel' Daily Mail'Enchanting and moving . . . I loved this beautifully poetic book' 5***** Reader Review 'There's something about tales of mysterious old buildings that have the ability to set hairs on end . . . Perfect' Red

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