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French Provincial Cooking

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Elizabeth David
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'Brilliant reading, enthralling and exciting, as well as great cookery. The ultimate book in every way' Gary Rhodes, The Times French Provincial Cooking - first published in 1960 - is the classic work on French regional cuisine. Providing simple recipes like omelettes, soufflés, soups and salads, it also offers more complex fare such as pâtés, cassoulets, roasts and puddings.Readable, inspiring and entertainingly informative, French Provincial Cooking is the perfect place to go for anyone wanting to bring a little France into their home.'A joy to read. David's descriptions of France are so wonderful you can almost smell the garlic' Jilly Cooper, Sunday Express Elizabeth David is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. She introduced post-war Britain to the sun-drenched delights of the Mediterranean and her recipes brought new flavours and aromas into kitchens across Britain.
Preface 1: Note to 1977 Edition Preface 2: Note to 1983 Edition Introduction: Introduction Part 1: French Cooking in England Part 2: The Cookery of the French Provinces 1: Provence 2: Paris, Normandy and the Ile de France 3: Alsace and Lorraine 4: Brittany and the Lôire 5: The Savoie 6: Burgundy, The Lyonnais, and the Bresse 7: The Béarnais and the Basque Country 8: The Bordelais 9: The Périgord 10: The Languedoc Part 3: Batterie de Cuisine Part 4: Cooking Terms and Processes Part 6: Les Aromates, etc. Part 7: Weights and Measures Part 8: Sauces Part 9: Hors-d'OEuvre and Salads Part 10: Soups Part 11: Eggs, Cheese Dishes and Hot Hors-d'OEvre Part 12: Pâtés and Terrines, Sausages, Ham Dishes and Other Pork Products Part 13: Vegetables Part 14: Fish Part 15: Shell-Fish and Crustacea Part 16: Meat 1: Beef 2: Lamb and Mutton 3: Fresh Pork 4: Veal Part 17: Composite Meat Dishes, Cassoulets, etc. Part 18: Poultry and Game Part 19: The Left-Overs Part 20: Sweet Dishes Part 21: Cookery Books Bibliography: Bibliography 1: Additional Book List 1977 2: Additional Book List 1983 Acknowledgements: Acknowledgements

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